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Farmer George

George wasn’t like the other boys. He liked to keep records. He’d logged all the registration plates and types of farm machinery he could find, entering the details in a little notebook. The summer months were spent looking in barns, … Continue reading

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Atom Heart Brother

It had started with small things that nobody missed, the odd rat, trash can or wino. Miguel always found a suitable target. Nothing left but a matter free hole. The town square’s Liberty Bell however, was a step too far. … Continue reading

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A work, it may be progress.

Now, I have in my past enjoyed the colourful writings of such luminaries as Tolkien and Peake, indeed, the stories from Gormenghast are almost Dickens like in their rambling descriptive nature. So, below is perhaps (or perhaps not) the beginning … Continue reading

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A toast to art

‘SANDRA! SANDRA! Where’s my inhaler?’ The breathless cry came from another room. They’d moved to the South of France for his health, on doctor’s orders. He’d subsequently begun painting and taken to it rather well. It certainly kept him busy … Continue reading


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Coming soon – you know you want it.

This is an unusual thing for me to do but it’s hard to resist the obvious literary charms of the most excellent Helena Hann-basquiat. Having been introduced to her writing on the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction blog I can’t help … Continue reading

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No Salvation

Mr Smith rocked gently in his chair as a sudden gust blew through the dilapidated shop that was once Bob’s Lighting Emporium. He sat in darkness, a bible clutched in one bony hand, the foreclosure notice in the other. Thousands … Continue reading

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