Atom Heart Brother


It had started with small things that nobody missed, the odd rat, trash can or wino. Miguel always found a suitable target. Nothing left but a matter free hole.

The town square’s Liberty Bell however, was a step too far. He’d been seen. The Police arrived.

The urgent order ‘Put down your weapon NOW!.’ echoed across the gathered crowd.

MIguel considered his position. He’d worked as a cleaner at Area 51 for years, the odd item finding it’s way out in a bucket of dirty water.

He aimed the Atom Disruptor at the Police car and fired.

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14 Responses to Atom Heart Brother

  1. Kwadwo says:

    Nice sci-fi take on the prompt with Area 51 and such.

  2. vbholmes says:

    When Miguel removes the “odd thing” from Area 51 he doesn’t fool around. Did he get the Atom Disrupter from the storeroom or from an abandoned UFO?

  3. Imaginative take on the prompt. Great opening sentence!

  4. Awesome! Maybe Miguel was a shape shifting alien that came to retrieve his favorite weapon stolen by the military πŸ™‚

  5. Having your atoms disrupted is a sure way to ruin your day!


  6. Jan Brown says:

    Has he fine-tuned the device? Maybe he can aim it at my hips!!!

    Great story–a very unique interpretation of the photo prompt.

  7. Intriguing SF angle. Also intriguing is your title which seems at odds with the Atom Disruptor at the end?

  8. K.Z. says:

    imaginative and fun. like karen, i also loved the first sentence. πŸ™‚

  9. A wonderful twist. Great story.

  10. That’s cool, I like it!! πŸ™‚

  11. Very interesting and well-done story. Maybe that’s where some of our new inventions have originated.

  12. atrm61 says:

    Ha!ha!Cool twist at the end-poor cops!

  13. Dear Kelly,

    Miguel might soon find himself alone in the world if he’s not careful. Fun take on the prompt.



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