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Dead wood

The battle had raged. Splintered shards of men and earth scattered the land, gruesome evidence of war. But that was long ago.       The summer holidays arrived. Young friends picnicked near the old wood, daring each other to … Continue reading

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Archimedian Screwed

The Archimedes, a Steampunk Edition Distance Freighter (Space), thundered on, 2 million tonnes of alien eggs and three thousand crew. Dave contemplated his job as on-board security. It bored him. ‘Containment breach – Sector S4’ Blurted from his wi-fi connected … Continue reading


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All Inclusive

The nuclear family in the billboard holiday poster looked smug. Joseph sat in his cab, staring at the scene. Perfect sunshine, perfect sky, perfect parents, perfect kids & perfect teeth. ‘Damn rich folks’ he muttered. A holiday for him was … Continue reading

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Francis further than you think

The 747 roared overhead on its lengthy approach to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Landing gear creaked and groaned as it unfolded, pointing at the mountains below. From the cold confines of the mechanism a dark bundle fell earthward. The bundle … Continue reading

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