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A place to rest.

The mill pond still water reflected the dying sun of another beautiful day as the dock came into view. Many decades had passed since Margaret had spent her last wonderful childhood holiday on the island and now the ferry was … Continue reading

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Colin’s no dummy

Colin wasn’t cool. He worked in fashion doing window displays. Also, he didn’t have a girlfriend, which was why he was currently trying to chat up a voluptuous blonde at a singles night. He’d spent the day sorting old mannequins … Continue reading

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The Dream Thief

Nobody saw Ladro shuffling through the alleys just before dawn, pulling his apparatus on a rickety cart. As he moved in painful surges he muttered incantations in a language not heard for hundreds of years, waving one of his devices … Continue reading

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Hidden dawn

Thick cloying dust hung in the air, illuminated in gasps by the light from the raging fires all around. Huddled beneath the portico of a shattered government building, Thomas released his grip on the hand of the woman he’d met … Continue reading

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