Slip into something slippery


David sat and stared at his tablet. The inspiration for a good Flash Fiction story just wouldn’t come.

He turned off lights, lit some candles and er, took some snuff. Nothing.

He stared for a bit, shut his eyes for a bit more. Nothing.

The cork on his prized bottle of Glen Moray made a satisfying ‘pop’ as he poured himself a glass of liquid motivator. Nothing came.

Then in a fit of exasperation, David put on his magic slippers.

‘Got it!’. He exclaimed in a Eureka moment. ‘I’ll write a story about a man who lacked inspiration!’.



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23 Responses to Slip into something slippery

  1. Ha ha. I felt like that this week. Wish I’d thought to put on my magic slippers. Guess that’s why you got such a great story eventually. Good one.

  2. dmmacilroy says:

    Nothing like bring the story home at the end. Have to say, you nailed it. Well done.



  3. Dear Kelly,

    Can you hear? I’m applauding your lack of, er, effort. Nicely done.



  4. Brilliant! Was that really, er. snuff, or something more, er, herbal…?! 😉

  5. And he did! Wonderful. And those slippers can be acquired, where?

  6. A story about a lack of story … and magic slippers! An interesting combination that worked well 🙂

  7. Dear appropriateadult: Good story and FUNNY! Been there and sometimes I write 4 or 5 stories before I hit on the one that is me. But mainly, I hate to be just staring at the screen for an hour or more with nothing to say – you did perfect – I think we can all identify with this good story! Nan 🙂

  8. Amusing story and well written. That was very clever and enjoyable to read. Snuff, huh. 🙂 —Susan

  9. You gotta love a pair of magic slippers – works everytime 😉 really enjoyed your story. And am jazzed to know that the Friday Fictioneers exists! That’s my Friday’s sorted for inspiration.

  10. Where can I get some magic slippers? This is a good take on the prompt. Every writer needs a Eureka moment – or two or three. Alicia

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