All Inclusive


The nuclear family in the billboard holiday poster looked smug. Joseph sat in his cab, staring at the scene. Perfect sunshine, perfect sky, perfect parents, perfect kids & perfect teeth. ‘Damn rich folks’ he muttered. A holiday for him was simply not driving his cab.

He started the engine, pulled the shifter into drive and took one last look at the perfect people. They’d gone.

Someone got in the cab.

‘Where too?’ Asked Joseph.

‘Paradise, with us.’ Said a voice behind him.

Joseph didn’t want to turn around, he looked in the mirror. Those perfect teeth grinned back.

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5 Responses to All Inclusive

  1. Dear Kelly,

    Guess it’s the end of the line for Joseph? Spooky.



  2. Weird and creepy.


  3. Weird but funny in a way. Well written. Everyone’s having fun on holiday posters.

  4. AnnIsikArts says:

    So, he has to do the driving to Paradise, too. Perfect! Nice take on the prompt. Ann

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