Parked car

Marlon sat in his sedan, contemplating life.

He’d studied commercial architecture for seven long years, been awed at the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and the clean lines of the Bauhaus movement. The excitement of youth had carried him along on a wave of curiosity and hope.

Parked in the condemned ‘Paradise’ parking lot on the outskirts of a dying town, he wondered why he’d spent the last 30 years building car parks. Nobody wanted creativity, they wanted concrete, cheap as possible. No glass edifices, no water features and certainly no style.

Life, Marlon concluded, was shit.

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8 Responses to Parked car

  1. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    Everything decays. You’ve expressed the frustration of everyone who has ever wanted to create something beautiful — and you did it so well, darling.

  2. Must have been pretty crappy for a person with vision. Car parks!

  3. A wonderful condensed narrative

  4. claireful says:

    I loved this! And I’ve always wonder about car parks – an architect must have laboured for weeks or months to design it; what did he or she think of their work? Did they love it just because they were designing? No, now I know. They thought it was shit.

  5. Dear Kelly,

    Such is the artist’s lot. Some get it. Some never will. Nice one.



  6. mike olley says:

    Architecture, one of the hardest art disciplines to realise beyond the drawing board. The joy of car parks indeed.

  7. Mike, I think there’s a book title in ‘The Joy of Car Parks’ although I’m not sure which way the book might go!

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