Tales from a microscopic ocean


‘Yeah, not so bad. You?’.
‘Tidy mate. Cauwt anyfink yet then?’
‘Sod all. Twenny four years and nuffink. Not a sausage.’

They sat in silence for a bit.

‘Yer ‘at’s cracked. Did ya know?’.
‘Yeah. ‘bin that way years. Your’n is an’ all.’

‘Typical. Stuck ‘ere, almost takin’ root an’ no love’.
‘Bleedin’ ‘umans. Can’t stand ‘em.’

More silence. The fish below them swam on and on, round and round. A light breeze sprang up.

‘ood wanna be a gnome eh?’.
‘Ha ha, good one. Right proper comedian you is’.

‘Cauwt anyfink yet?’.

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10 Responses to Tales from a microscopic ocean

  1. Trying to figure out the accent. Fun dialogue, either way.

  2. Sandra says:

    Different take on the prompt; garden gnomes having a chin-wag. 🙂

  3. The accent really made the fish story believable

  4. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Kelly,

    Excellent job on the accents and the mood you set. I can see the world from a different POV now. Well done.



  5. Dear Kelly,

    Love the dialogue. Nice take on the prompt.



  6. That was good. A touch of Waiting for Godot about it. Or R&G are Dead

  7. Good use of dialect. Very creative.

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