Gideon lined up for a shot.

‘Dumb birds, I’ll teach them to mess on my car’. Feathers and meat exploded in a pink & grey cloud.

‘Yay! Got them, the bastards’. As he reloaded a voice squawked in his ear ‘We’re millions’.

Gideon turned to look over his shoulder. Several million pairs of hard black eyes looked back.

He got up and started running. The increasing grey cloud billowed around him, fluttering and pecking, fluttering and pecking.

It only took a few minutes. The feathered cloud moved on. Nothing remained but cloth and bone. And a gun. And a feather, or two.

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8 Responses to Birds

  1. gingerpoetry says:

    Frightening story – nature strikes back.

  2. Karma will get you every time.

  3. Sandra says:

    What goes around comes around… well done.

  4. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Kelly,

    Airborne Piranhas. I like it. Welcome to the party, pal. “We are millions…” Great line.



  5. Dear Kelly,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. A wonderful tale of poetic justice. I look forward to reading more of you.



    • Dear Rochelle,
      Thank you for the welcome. A good friend of mine pointed me your way. I like the idea of Friday Fictioneers and it’s the perfect antidote to reading Mervyn Peake!

      Kindest regards from beneath an Oak,


  6. Linda Vernon says:

    Yikes. We really would be in big trouble if birds acted this way. 😀 Well imagined!

  7. Great, imaginative tale. I enjoyed your vivid descriptions. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers! – Amy

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